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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RH318)

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  • Who Can Benefit
  • Prerequisites
  • Syllabus
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization with KVM overview
Advanced Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization with KVM
Overview of RHEV platform
Creating and configuring: Data Centers, Host Clusters and RHEV-M
Installing and upgrading RHEV-H
Configure Data, ISO and Export storage domains using NFS and iSCSI
Create and manage Virtual Servers and Virtual Desktops
Create and manage Snapshots and Templates
Create and manage users and Desktop Pools
Exporting/importing virtual machines
Experienced Linux system administrators responsible for managing enterprise servers who are interested in learning how to manage large numbers of servers or virtual machines using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.
Red Hat Linux Essentials RH033, Red Hat Linux System Administration RH131 or Red Hat Linux System Administration (with RHCT Exam) RH133 or equivalent experience with Linux
System administration experience on Microsoft Windows® operating systems is beneficial, but is not necessary for this course

Unit 1: Introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Platform

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization overview
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization demo
x86 Virtualization
Introduction to KVM

Unit 2: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 Hosts

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 hosts in the data center
Using live-CD tools

Unit 3: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor

Architecture overview
Deployment modes
Installation and configuration
Kernel command line parameters/automated installs
Boot process
Configuration persistence

Unit 4: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Architecture

Physical resources
Virtual resources
Data center creation examples
Populating ISO library

Unit 5: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager

Management console demonstration
Management console installation process
Management console post-installation

Unit 6: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Virtual Server

New virtual server
Creating your first VM
Editing VM properties
VM live migration

Unit 7: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Platform Image Management

New virtual server
Creating your first VM
Editing VM properties
VM live migration

Unit 8: Advanced topics and labs

 Red Hat
  • Course Code: RH318
  • Duration : 4 days
  • Certified by: Red Hat

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization offers customers a complete set of virtualization solutions that allows the entire spectrum of enterprise workloads to run on one common infrastructure. To help system administrators deploy and manage their virtual environment, Red Hat offers its Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RH318) course. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RH318) is an extensive hands-on training course that explores the virtualization features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with the advanced Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization platform. Students acquire the skills and knowledge to deploy and centrally manage virtual servers and virtual desktops in the enterprise. Upon completion of RH318, students will have the skills and knowledge to effectively create, deploy, manage, and migrate Linux and Microsoft® Windows® virtual machines hosted on either RHEV Hypervisor or Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers dedicated nodes using RHEV Manager.

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